Soundtrack: Jaguar voice of a territory


This work musically recounts 10 years in the footsteps of this sacred animal. It is produced by Andrés Quintero of Ruge Films, who also composed original music. There are indigenous songs, music from Antioquia and Llanera. The original song is composed by Esteban García, with lyrics by himself and Simón González. It has two bonuses, one produced by the Sumai Group and the other, the original song, produced by Andrés Quintero, who brought together 15 musicians of the stature of Urian Sarmiento (Hombre de barro), Camilo Velázquez (Curupira), Verónica Atehortua (La Revuelta ) and Eliana Quintero (who did the vocal arrangement); also producing the video clip of the song, which is included here.

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