Taita Querubín Queta

– A’i Cofan community

Unity, unity for all, for someday to have the desire of loving the fellow man. This is the story of tigers, the story of ancestors, that’s what I’m telling you.


Mamo Ramón Gil

-Wiwa community

We called the tiger güia, elder, he also called us güia, that is my elder, it followed me, came first, that’s why the wise ones said not to kill tiger.


Mayor Clemente Gaitán

– Sikuani community

“Reality is not written, that’s stored, who? The elders.

But this thing that you’re doing, is for mankind and for mother earth.


Taita Universario Queta

– A’i Cofan community

The fangs are the force, the energy, from them comes our power.


Taita Julio Chicunque

– Kamsá community

The jaguar is a part of us that shows humility, respect and love towards nature and the beings we are.


Taita Erdulfo Salcedo

– Pastos community

Because those are secrets, of our secrets.


Taita Ángel Chindoy

– Kamsá community

That is returning to the mother’s womb and care for Pachamama.


Taita Richard Chasoy

– Inga community

The tiger is also like a written book, because through it we have learned medicine, the elders have learned a lot of medicine and a lot of science which are used today.


Abuelo Fernando Morales

– Uitoto community

There is the power of the jaguar, science of the sweet yard.


Taita Crispín Chindoy

– Kamsá community

We need to preserve this human relationship, the vegetal kingdom, the animal kingdom, and above all we need to preserve ancestral knowledge.